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Journalists who would like to cover the International Forum, please fill out this accreditation form and send it to along with a copy/scan of your passport and a picture of yourself.

Before the official proceedings, press tours into snow leopard habitat will be offered for interested journalists. Press tours are offered to: 

Shamshy Wildlife Sanctuary

Tokmok (Day trip from Bishkek, August 23).

Shamshy Wildlife Sanctuary is a former hunting concession that is now co-managed as a wildlife reserve by the Kygyz government and a coalition of conservation NGOs incl. Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan and the Snow Leopard Trust. Shamshy’s wildlife includes snow leopards, ibex, lynx, marmots and many other alpine species.

Snow Leopard Rehabilitation Center

Ananyevo / Issyk-Kul (Overnight trip from Bishkek, August 21-22).

Managed by German conservation organization NABU, the Snow Leopard Rehabilitation Center near the shores of lake Issyk-Kul provides a safe haven for cats and other animals that have been seized or recovered from poachers. Some of them, like the snow leopards, can’t be released back into the wild. The center was opened in 2002, after NABU’s anti-poaching unit, Gruppa Bars, first confiscated an injured snow leopard that needed care. 


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